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About ET's Craftery

Hello out there! My name is Tom, and along with my wife Elizabeth, we have started to sell online under the name ET's Craftery, or  Normally my wife (the Talented one with all the Skill) and I travel and sell at comic book conventions across the country.  Since no one is sure when that will begin again, we (she) decided to start making face masks for friends and family.  Now we (really) are making them, along with a selection of our other handmade and carefully selected items for sale on  We hope to be bringing a dose of nerd and geek online as well as fun, colorful and creative items from face masks, to scrub caps, men's ties, hair ties, decals, canvas bags, thsirts, hats and more.  

We (she mostly) work hard to make good products that last. I use quite a few in my day to day life.  We also believe in running this site in the same way we would like to be treated, and I like to be treated really well. 

Hope you enjoy what we have and please let us know if you have questions, thoughts or even issues that might arise.  It is just the two of us, so fresh ideas are welcome and the occasional mistakes (mostly by me) are bound to happen, but we will do our best to fix them!

Thank you all! Have a Great Day Today!