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The Office: Trivia and Activity Book

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The Office: Trivia and Activity Book

The Greatest Unofficial Digital Collection of Office related Trivia! There are 100 Questions PLUS 2 Word Searches PLUS 2 Sudoku Puzzles PLUS 4 pages you can do a little coloring for relaxation.  

This trivia is not for the casual fan.  This is for those that have this running on every screen in the vicinity.  If you have paused your screen to read the dry erase board in the conference room, this is for you.  

If you repeat “That’s what she said” with Michael after Jim says “You always left me satisfied and smiling”, this is for you. 

If you would rather spend time watching The Office than with your actual friends, this is for you. 

If you shout out “WHERE ARE THE TURTLES” to random people on the street, this is for you.

What you get for $3.99 Digital Download:

10 Rounds of 10 questions!

2 Word Searches where you have to know the answers in order to find them!

2 Sudoku puzzles if you, like Stanley, want to keep busy while foolish people speak!

4 fun pictures to color so dig out those crayons!

1 round is all about Dwight.

1 round is all about Scranton.

1 round is all about things that are seen on screen and might never have been mentioned.

1 answer key, where every round’s answers are on a separate page so you can check your work without seeing answers for the next round. 

When you purchase you will download a zip file with 3 files

1 file is the Trivia Activity Book PDF

1 file is the Trivia Activity Answer Key PDF

1 file is for printing instructions using the free Acrobat Reader. (Other sources may print PDF in booklet form, I found Acrobat Reader to be the easiest)

This is a labor of love for us and we hope you enjoy it! Every episode was watched while detailed notes were taken.  The pause button was used to see every photo, picture, list and smirk on screen. Some questions are going to be easier, but we felt they had to be included because they still make us laugh.  There are also questions we think are challenging to really test the avid fan.  We did our best to be accurate with the answers but remember this is all in good fun, by fans for fans, because we think it is kinda the point.